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Who are we?

Polish simracing team. We mainly race in leagues organized in the Italian simulator Assetto Corsa Competizione.

As a team we made our debut on virtual race tracks in February 2018. We had our first success in the Polish league during the Retro WEK season, winning the team classification in the DTM class and claiming second and third places in the individual classification. And all this in an Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti. 

Soon we were celebrating more triumphs - our team racing a Ferrari 488 GT3 took second place in the S3 Republic of Simracers GT3 Series, as well as first place in the international Assetto Corsa Racing League.  

Why simracing? eSports Team - previously functioning as Alfa Corse and Scuderia, among others - was created to promote Italian motoring and simracing. Modern simulators are very faithfully replicating the real world. They offer great fun for motorsport fans and allow them to develop proper habits and get a better understanding of the many factors that influence the behavior of a car and, above all, build racing pace. They are affordable, allow to compete in identical conditions and with identical cars, something that in the real world - even in the case of single-make cups - is very often only fiction. In a single day, we can drive on laser-scanned tracks from all over the world, ranging from the Australian Bathurst, through the Japanese Suzuka, the German Nurburgring, to the Kadanyan Mosport. And that's without spending a dime on transportation, fuel, tires, or covering any potential damage costs. In our opinion, a simracing title and a decent, well-tuned computer hardware is a "must have" for fans of motorsport, having a hankering for active participation in competitions behind the wheel of high-performance vehicles.

It has fulfilled my hunger to "drive faster". It became a full-fledged passion – or if you prefer, a way to pursue a very expensive passion.
What cars do we race?


These are all the reasons that make leagues the most interesting form of competition for us....

Live broadcasts with commentary

Competing over several rounds

Dedicated individual and team painting

Driving in teams, sharing knowledge and experience

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