A timeline featuring important events for the ForzaItalia.pl eSports Team

  • MARCH 2021 – changes in the lineup

    Abra and Rafał Dziki returned to the team. Wojtek Lukaszek, well known in the world of simracing and a hell of a fast driver, who participated in the finals of Ferrari Hublot Esports Series, has also joined the team.  

  • Start in 24H of Kyalami - FEBRUARY 2021

    The 24-hour race on the Kyalami Circuit in South Africa, organized by Racing Club International in the Assetto Corsa Competizione simulator, started at 7pm on February 20. Our two teams in Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo took: 3rd place and 7th place in the PRO class. The track conditions were very changeable, it rained heavily for a long time. The leaders completed 791 laps.
  • OCTOBER 2020 - WEMSA recap and start of Bathurst 12H

    October 16-17 - it was an intense weekend. On Saturday at 15:00 has started the Bathurst 12h race (ACC), organized by Race Club International. We fielded two teams in Ferrari 488 GT3's, #500 and #501, both had quite a nice pace, just a little bit of luck was needed to finish P3 in the PRO-AM class. On Sunday, Paweł, Mateusz and Lucjan took part in the last round of WEMSA ACRL season, at Road America circuit. In general classification Lucjan took 2nd place, Paweł Jarzębowski - 3rd, Mateusz - 5th, Łukasz - 7th. In team classification the winners were Paweł and Mateusz (ForzaItalia.pl Driver Academy), Lucjan and Łukasz (ForzaItalia.pl eSports Team) came second.

  • LMP/GTE ACRL season kicks off - June 2020

    The simracing organization ForzaItalia.pl eSports Team has decided to participate in a two-class LMP/GTE season in the GTE class, in a Ferrari 488 GTE. In the international league organized by Assetto Corsa Racing League, three two-man teams were fielded, consisting of: Lucjan Próchnica, Luka; Paweł Jarzębowski, mknbl; Adam Dubiel (DubSon) and Patryk "ManiakDVD" Prychla. In the opening race at Barcelona, Luka took second place.

  • JUNE 2020 - team changes

    Abra, holding the position of team leader, left the team. The same path was taken by a very fast and promising driver - Rafał Dziki. Unfortunately, this was not without consequences for the team performance of Rafał's team, whose chances for a podium finish in the ACLeague single-car season were lost. In the meantime, the gap was filled by Patryk "ManiakDVD" Pyrchla, and Lucjan Próchnica took over as team principal. 

  • The establishment of Forzaitalia.pl Drive Academy - April 2020

    The simracing eSports team - ForzaItalia.pl eSports Team - came out with an initiative called ForzaItalia.pl Drive Academy based on the FDA (Ferrari Drive Academy). As many as 6 new drivers have joined the "school", including: Aleksander Boguslawski, Paweł Jarzębowski, Rafał Dziki, DubSon, Mateush92 and Mknbl. MrFloyd returned to the active representation of the team alongside Lucjan and Luka. A large and strong team of 9 drivers, representing 3 teams, signed up for the one-make season of the Evolve R.S. 01 Trophy by ACLeague. 

  • APRIL 2020 - end of GT3 ACL season

    ForzaItalia.pl eSports Team took second place in the team classification. In the individual classification Abra was 2nd, Lucjan 7th and Luka 8th.

  • Foundation of forzaitalia.pl esports team - January 2020

    Representatives of Italian motoring have created an eSports startup of sorts called ForzaItalia.pl eSports Team. A logo, a website, and new Ferrari 488 GT3 paint schemes were created for the upcoming GT3 ACLeague season. The team was still represented by Lucjan and Luka, as well as Abra, who took on the role of team boss.

  • August 2019 - winning GT3 ACRL

    The Scuderia ForzaItalia.pl team triumphed in the team classification in the GT3 season of the Assetto Corsa Racing League. Lucjan Próchnica narrowly missed out on a podium finish in the individual event, where he ultimately took 4th place.

  • the start of the GT3 ACRL season – May 2019

    This time the Scuderia ForzaItalia.pl, consisting of Lucjan Próchnica and Luka, made their international debut in the GT3 season organized by the Assetto Corsa Racing League (ACRL). Again in a Ferrari 488 GT3.

  • May 2019 - end of GT3 RoS season

    The Scuderia ForzaItalia.pl Squadra Nero team took second place in the general classification. In the individual classification, the highest ranked was Lucjan, in 6th place. Abra finished 8th and Luka 11th.

  • GT3 RoS season start - January 2019

    This time ForzaItalia.pl formed two teams - Scuderia ForzaItalia.pl Squadra Nero consisting of: Abra, Lucjan Próchnica and Luka and Scuderia ForzaItalia.pl Squadra Bianco consisting of: MrFloyd, Denan and Kocur. Once again our drivers sat behind the wheel of Ferrari 488 GT3.

  • January 2019 - end of Retro WEK season

    The Retro WEK season was very successful. Luka took 2nd place in individual classification and Lucjan was right behind him. MrFloyd was 8th. In the team classification Alfa Corse ForzaItalia.pl team divided and ruled from the beginning, which resulted in taking first place with a huge advantage in points.

  • Retro WEK season kicks off - November 2018

    ACLeague began with Retro WEK season in which our team entered Alfa Corse ForzaItalia.pl in Alfa Romeo 155 TI V6 in DTM group. We were joined by Luka, who was fighting for points in team classification with Lucjan and MrFloyd. 

  • June 2018 – Zakończenie sezonu GT3

    The first GT3 season was very exciting. The only thing missing was success. The team in Ferrari 488 GT3 took only 8th place in the team standings. Lucjan Próchnica, however, was classified second in the Ferrari Cup.

  • The formation of the team - February 2018

    MrFloyd jokingly offered ForzaItalia.pl to sponsor him for the upcoming GT3 season in the ACLeague. He quickly got in touch with Lucjan, with whom he formed a team. The beginnings were not easy. They started with a debate over the choice of car - Lucjan wanted to drive a Lamborghini Huracan GT3, but MrFloyd insisted on a Ferrari 488 GT3.

    A search was also launched for the third driver, who became Piotr Bochnowski.